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OCAC Artists at Work :
 Our Creative Spaces
Neal Allen at Work.jpeg

Neal H. Allen — Pastel Painter:

"I spent several years prior to retirement ferreting away funds and supplies to create a studio space;  one of the first things I set up in our new home was this space - shelves for books about art and artists, a desk, a framing space, and easel (or four), a CD player and candles for atmosphere, and just enough pictures and personal ‘stuff’ to make it mine.  I’ve been trying to push my learning curve during the shelter-in-place:  still-life, landscape (a portrait seen here, which I never do!) and several different kinds of supports and techniques, though still all in pastels."

Judi Cermak Workspace.jpeg

Judi Rogers Cermak — Fiber Artist

“This is where I do my embroidery and start my day in the morning with a cup of coffee, iPad and phone all within reach. The room is filled with artwork, books and another recliner for my husband Fritz. I love everything in this room!”

J.Kowba Garage Studio.jpg

Joyce Kowba — Painter:

"I love working on my screened in porch when it gets warm enough out, but my basement workspace has evolved since the CoVid 19 lockdown and I started taking watercolor painting lessons online! I also paint oils down there but I still need to install some ventilation."

Tina B#2.jpeg

Tina Blackwood — Fiber Artist:

"This used to be my son's bedroom, but now it's all mine!  Don't worry, we have a futon for him to sleep on when he visits! These pictures show what my creative space looks like on a good day.  When I'm in the middle of several projects it can look like a tornado swept through it!"

Linda Hallifax workspace-2020.jpg-w.jpg

Linda Hallifax — Photographer:

"I’m off again leaving a lonely desk, laptop and chair.  An idea materialized and zoom, I’m off to explore and do stuff.  photography is outside when it’s not raining or snowing (sigh) and cooking up the latest experiment is in progress in the kitchen. Oh, editing photos, making greeting cards and putting together a 1,000 piece puzzle gets in there somehow."

Peggi workspace table.JPG

Peggi Heissenberger — Painter, Potter, Fiber & Furniture:

"I have many creative spaces and sometimes take over several rooms of the house till my husband reins me in. I have my paper making crafts, card making and jewelery making supplies in a den with my books that help me keep things straight...where my artwork is, what classes I am teaching, what is sold and what is available, is there.  Needle felting is done in the dining room.

My basement studio is for most everything else that is messy such as wood working, furniture repair & repurpose, acrylic paintings, watercolors and pottery. The kiln is in a corner of the garage with the gases vented to the outside."

Jacqueline Fegan — Oil, Watercolor, Pastels:

"This is my studio. It’s set up with multiple easels and workspaces for projects.  The two windows provide great natural light.  Perfect spot for hanging out!

Robin MC.JPG

Robin McCondichie — Pastels, Acrylics:

"I work primarily in soft pastel and acrylic paint. My work includes both landscape images and abstract pieces. My studio is small but with much light, which suits me well."

KimRatzel Paint station.jpg

Kim Ratzel — Painter:
"My creative space is pretty much a mini paint station.

My hubby made me a board to hang my paints that I designed. I'm using different rows for my palette colors and recipe color cards. Our guest bedroom has also been turned into a drying rack area, with easels for my oil paintings to dry on while in progress and until they are ready to frame."

Denise VanDeroef workspace.jpeg

Denise Van Deroef — Painter:

"I enjoy having everything at my fingertips to create paintings using acrylics, oils and pastels at my easel or doing watercolors on my drawing table. My cutting mat to my left is also where I mat my artwork and where I measure for frames. My husband Doug frames all of my paintings for me on a large adjoining table. He also helped install terrific overhead lighting so that I can work on gloomy days. Having a big comfortable chair, my art books and some of my former art classroom and family mementos in the studio makes me feel right at home in my creative space."

Joann K. Long - Photographer.jpg

Joann  Long — Photographer: 

Joann is enjoying her nature photography from the comfort of her home on this day, but she is often out and about taking photos of local scenery and events. Nature, cityscapes and photos from her many travels can be seen in OCAC Exhibits and in other local venues and exhibits.

Mike Nyerges — Photography:

"This is my "man cave." Yes, it's below ground, but it's more than comfortable enough. It's where I do much of my work, from post-production to matting and framing. Also, there's a couch just out of sight where I can relax and nap. Perfect!"

Howard 2.JPG

Howard Van Buren — Watercolorist:

This is Howard's workspace in his new home.  A table to create the watercolors and a utility sink next to the workstation helps to make his creative time go smoothly. He also has a brightly lit space to do video classes for his many watercolor & drawing students right from the lower level of his home.

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