Pastel Society of America e-blasts a Neal Allen Still-Life

Updated: Jan 15

Pastel painting of a milkweed pod releasing a seed
Waiting for Take-Off — Pastel Painting

Long-time member and Arts Council Board Member, Neal Allen, recently had a pastel still-life e-blasted onto the Pastel Society of America's Facebook page. Several times a year, the Pastel Society of America calls for entries in specific categories, such as still-lifes, landscapes, portraits, interiors, as well as holiday-specific themes. Entries must comply with Society’s standards, including that they are entirely the work of the contributing artist and not copies of other works or works done in a class or workshop. Only a limited number of entries are then selected from a large field of national and international entries, including Neal Allen's still-life of the common milkweed, "Waiting for Take-Off.” Neal is no stranger to such recognition and has had work accepted in such juried exhibitions as the Adirondack Pastel Society National Pastel Exhibition, the Pastel Society of New Hampshire Annual Juried Art Show, the Arkell Museum Annual Juried Art Show, the Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts Annual Juried Show, and the View Adirondack Art Show. The e-blasted “Waiting for Take-Off,” a 12x16-inch pastel on paper, attracted the attention of a fellow artist in Oregon, who purchased the work, giving Neal his first internet sale! Congratulations, Neal!