Community Arts Grants

2022 Community Grants 
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The Arts Council awarded $1,000 grants to four community organizations in 2022 in its annual community arts grants program.  

Grant applicants had to explain the objectives and costs of their project. Some preference was given to new applicants and to those who could show a partnership with at least one other organization. Some operational costs were allowed to be covered by the grant if they were critical to the project’s success and were no more than 50 percent of the grant request. 

$1,000 was awarded to the DOVE BLOCK PROJECT in Geneva for an event in which poets read their work inspired by works of art that will then be compiled into a chapbook. The project also includes a workshop for participants to make their own poetry chapbooks. The grant helps to cover poets’ honoraria and printing costs for chapbooks. This is an imaginative project that combines visual and literary art. 


$1,000 was awarded to the BRISTOL HILLS HISTORICAL SOCIETY for an illustrated history book with original watercolors by Anna Overmoyer. Local individuals and business have also agreed to support the project, and arts council funding will be used to help cover the original print-run of 75 books. This project combines art with history and provides some compensation to a local artist. 


$1,000 was awarded to the GENEVA MUSIC FESTIVAL. The grant helps compensate artists slated to perform in the eight community outreach concerts, (May 18- June 1), for Ontario County youth and seniors, as well as two free community concerts. This is a strong outreach program to groups who otherwise have little exposure to the arts. 

$1,000 was awarded to CHAMBERFEST CANANDAIGUA to help cover the cost of award-winning pianist, Donna Kwong. This is a regular event in Canandaigua, and they have added a collaboration with Cobblestone Arts Center to share this program with an underserved population. 

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