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Ekphrastic Poetry: Writing poems on Art

Ekphrastic: Greek for description

Gaze & react to a piece of art, capture that impression, this experience, its story in your words.

(And does it need to rhyme? It does not!)


Please bring the following materials, and definitely bring your willingness to expand, explore, and share:

  • device (phone, tablet, computer) to access thesaurus/rhyming dictionary

  • clipboard with paper, or notebook with firm cover

  • pen or pencil (computer or tablet for final result is optional)


We will use the art hanging in the Ontario County Arts Council Members Exhibit for inspiration.

Registration limited to 15 participants by email:


“Artists deliberate choices of design elements, color, shape, texture, space, scale, dominance, emphasis, balance, and harmony have parallels in writing” -Joan Lange

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