OCAC Grants


The Ontario County Arts Council accepted grant applications January 1 through March 1, 2020, from individuals and organizations for small projects to enhance the visual and performing arts in Ontario County.


The arts council, a nonprofit organization, has established a grants budget of $4,000 for 2020. Grants of up to $1,000 have been selected and announced to the applicants.

Grant applications were considered for projects that specifically meet the criteria of “Benefiting the Ontario County community and enhancing the Arts as a whole”. The grant funds cannot be used to support the salary of staff or to meet daily operational expense of the organization.



Follow these instructions to request grant funding from The Ontario County Arts Council for future Grants. Please provide a (maximum) 500 word narrative addressing each area in the application. Mail all required information and documentation to:

The Ontario County Arts Council
20 Fort Hill Avenue
Canandaigua, NY 14424
1. Project description or narrative should include the following:

• Answer to the following statement “How will your project benefit the Ontario County community and enhance the Arts as a whole?”
• Descriptive narrative of the project and the specific use/need you are asking the Arts Council to provide a grant for.
• How you will acknowledge/recognize the Ontario County Arts Council for its grant support of this project.
• Project objectives
• Expected outcomes
• Target population & who will benefit
• Work plan, including any partnering organizations & individuals, and a timetable of activities
• How you will evaluate the success of your project

2. Project budget, please provide the following:

• Total financial need for the project
• The amount you are requesting from the Arts Council with documentation as follows:
      a. Quote(s) for the expense, in writing
      b. Itemization of the request by need, use and expense
      c. Approvals( by State; County; City) you already have, are in-process
      or anticipate will be needed in the future
      d. Any approvals needed (codes; waivers; permits), & not yet received,
      specific to this grant request prior to the Arts Councils dispersing of the funds
• Current secured funding from other outside sources, (e.g., agencies, organizations, government) already received and in-process
• Anticipated future sources of funding

3. Organizational documentation, please provide the following:

• A list of the organizations Board of Directors and principals involved in the project
• A brief history of the organization
• How the project reflects the mission statement of the organization
• Previous year financial statements, if requested


All grant requests will be reviewed by the OCAC Board of Directors during March. After reviewing your application you will be notified, in writing by April 15, whether or not your grant request is approved. In some cases, further information may be required to complete the approval process. In this case, you will be asked to meet with the Board of Directors to make an in-person presentation and answer questions. An evaluation Rubric will be used , Download that Rubric PDF below for your records.


The Arts Council will require every grant recipient to provide an annual itemized accounting of how the Arts Council grant funds have been used, any project changes and on the success of the project to date. This reporting will continue until the Arts Council grant funds have been used in entirety.

CLICK  the PDF Icon below for download of Grant Application - Mail Completed form to:

OCAC 20 Fort Hill Avenue,  Canandaigua NY 14424 

OCAC — 20 Fort Hill Ave. Canandaigua, NY 14424 — ocartsny@gmail.com