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Kathy Ann Morris

Updated: Jan 14

A 25-Year Member Artist of the Arts Council!

Kathy Ann Morris, Artist

Tell something about your family, where you grew up, went to school, etc.

My mom and dad bought a winterized cottage on the west side of Canandaigua Lake when I

was two in the 1950's. My sister and I had an idyllic childhood living on the lake, and I miss the sound of waves lapping at night. I feel our area is such a part of me, and I love it here. To me, our topography rivals that of Ireland.

Did you go to college? Where? Major? Any mentors?

Born and raised in Canandaigua, I went to school here K-12 and eventually to State University at Geneseo with an English Major with Secondary Education Certificate. I was informed in high school from an aptitude test that I shouldn't be pursuing English, but something else to do with my hands. But the die was cast, so I was an art-wannabe for most of my life.

Which artists have you been most influenced by?

The only art education I had was one course in high school and one in college in the free wheeling 1970's. This really taught me nothing useful as they expected I already had an art background from high school. So, for that reason, I missed out any true techniques or art history. I tend to be very fickle in my influences choosing many contemporary artists to emulate.

Kathy Morris - True Blue, Art Work
True Blue

What type of art do you create?

I have always tried my hand at a myriad of media moving from a self-taught crafty background, (furniture painting, sewing with stamping, stenciling, basket weaving, jewelry creation, needle felting, soft-sculpture/doll making, wool appliqué, etc.), to more traditional 2D approaches after I retired from 33 years of teaching English.

I took several years of instruction at Pat Rini Rohrer's Gallery until COVID struck. I like to be challenged to participate in every theme that OCAC advances. I feel I am still finding my own style in oil, acrylic, watercolor, and occasionally pastel.

Additionally, word smithing is in my veins. I have written several theatrical shows for OCAC including Mary Cassatt, Georgia O'Keefe, Mary Shelley, Emily Carr, Coco Chanel and Zelda Fitzgerald. I have been tasked to create one on Lee Krasner when COVID will allow. She was an American abstract expressionist painter who was married to Jackson Pollock and their relationship really overshadowed her contributions to the field.

Kathy Ann Morris Art work
Morning Comes Softly

What inspires you to create art?

I have an inner drive to create, to be doing. I tend to drag whatever is in my current interest along with me, even on vacations. I think the year I took my sewing machine and cutting board to the beach was the most challenged my husband has ever been with my obsession!

Are there real life situations that inspire you? Seasons changing seem to inspire my mood.

What do you want to express through your art? Do you have certain themes that you pursue?

I suppose I'm a bit of an art harlot as I want to entice others with my pieces. The first-born people-pleaser, so to speak.

Kathy Ann Morris Artwork
The Blue Hour

What are the hardest and best parts of creating art?

The hardest part is when what I see in my mind's eye is NOT what my hand creates. But, if I end up loving it, more the better! Then pick the perfect title. And if someone else loves it - the cherry on top!

Do you listen to music or podcasts when you create? What type and is it insp