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Suzie Quinn

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Tell something about where you grew up, went to school, etc.

I grew up in Charlotte and graduated from Charlotte High School.

Did you go to college? Where?

I graduated from MCC with a major in studio art and then took part time art classes at RIT. After moving to Vermont, I took classes at University of Vermont, Burlington City Arts and Shelburne Craft School.

Which artists have most influenced you?

Warhol, David Hockney, early Impressionists

What type of art do you create? Has your style changed over time?

Representational is a good word. I’m not out for photo realism, but I like to take familiar things and interpret them in a way that is a little unexpected.

What inspires you to create art? Are there real life situations that inspire you? When I have free time or when I MAKE free time. It’s not always easy. I need a whole day without other committments.

I have always been fascinated by aerial views of Earth. During the pandemic I did a series of six paintings I called Solar Fields. It was inspired by aerial views of solar fields which

combine organic landscapes with something industrial, soft and hard shapes! I returned to the Rochester area after forty years in Vermont! I spent time reacquainting myself to the area and started a series of paintings called, Rediscovering Rochester. I love hearing the emotional connection people have to these paintings as they share stories that are evoked by the images.

What is your most favorite artist tool?

Photoshop! Although in the past I did a lot of sketching I find that now I want to get the paint on the canvas. Using Photoshop allows me to eliminate the obstacle of sketching and get right to the joy of painting!

What are the hardest and best parts of creating art?

That point in a painting that you think about giving up. Working through it and coming out with something worthwhile.

Do you listen to music or podcasts when you create? What type and is it inspiring?

Beatles, R&B, old soul/blues music like the Stax Records collection and Etta James

Do you have a website for your work?

Do you accept commissions? Yes

Do you have a piece of artwork that you’re most proud of? Why? David Byrne portrait – 1987 – He is an amazing artist/musician that I have always been a

huge fan of! It was a moment in time and a very large format, which encouraged me to work larger.

Do you have a dream project that you’d like to create?

I’d love to do a big outdoor mural in the city.



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